About Us

Letter From The President

The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center, Inc. was founded in 1995 through the merger of five of the highest quality cardiovascular practices in the Greater Cincinnati area. The goal of this merger was to create a larger unified geographically diverse practice organization that would provide the opportunities to improve the delivery and quality of cardiovascular care to our patients. Specifically, we wanted to have a group large enough to support the subspecialty expertise and program development that would provide a level of care previously unavailable in our region.

Over the past 16 years, the results of this endeavor have exceeded even our most optimistic initial projections. We have grown in size from our initial 17 founding partners to 40 cardiovascular physicians and surgeons. We have initiated subspecialty programs in cardiac electrophysiology (arrhythmias and pacemaker devices), coronary intervention (angioplasty and stents), peripheral vascular disease, congestive heart failure, cardiac surgery, and advanced cardiac imaging. These programs are not only the largest and most comprehensive physician-group based subspecialty programs in our area, but have each introduced many previously unavailable cutting edge technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Each of these subspecialty sections of our group has achieved national and international recognition for their contributions to new clinical knowledge and to the evaluation of new techniques. Through our relationship with the Lindner Center for Clinical Research, we are able to bring to our patients the newest and most promising treatment modalities well before they are available to the general public. We are one of the few groups in the country to have incorporated high quality cardiovascular surgeons so that the full range of cardiac treatment modalities can be offered to our patients “under one roof” facilitating the most appropriate treatment decisions for each patient.

Our growth as a physician organization has come largely from our ability to recruit some of the finest young medical talent from the premier training programs, from all over the country. They have been attracted by the unique practice and subspecialty opportunities that can only be offered by a group of our size and scope. Many have brought with them new skills and innovations that had not previously been available in our community.

By increasing our size, we have also been able to provide more comprehensive care to the many geographically diverse areas we serve by providing as much care as possible in offices close to the patients’ own community. We strive to maintain a compassionate and personal doctor-patient relationship while simultaneously providing the patient easy access to our subspecialty services. We currently have offices in eighteen communities and are integrally involved with nine hospital systems in the Southern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana regions. By working closely with these local and regional hospital systems, we strive to provide the most technologically advanced care in the most convenient, accessible, and seamless way possible.

None of this would be possible without our incredibly talented and dedicated non-physician medical and administrative staff of over 225 employees. Our size and organization have allowed us to recruit and maintain the best people available and their skill and caring greatly facilitate our physicians’ ability to deliver the best cardiovascular care in the most efficient manner possible.

The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center, Inc. is proud to serve the cardiovascular needs of the Greater Cincinnati area. We are also proud of the many innovations, skilled personnel, and organizational benefits we have contributed to our community over the past 16 years. We pledge to continue in our mission to provide the most technologically advanced and effective care to the greatest number of people in the most easily accessible and caring environment possible.

John F. Schneider, MD, FACC
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center, Inc.